• How long is your visit?
    A home visit takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours.
  • How much does it cost?
    A detailed Home Energy Assessment costs $300 (ex GST).
  • Why do I need to hire an expert?
    With over 15 years working in Energy Efficiency we draw on in-depth knowledge and use assessment techniques, that the average householder does not have access to. Our Household Energy Assessments look at a wide range of areas in a home and correlate actual energy usage with energy efficiency and savings opportunities. We are able to then pull it all together to identify energy efficiency strategies for the household as a whole.
  • What is NMI Data?
    National Meter Identifier Data is your electricity metering data that we access from your electricity Network Company or Electricity retailer. We can access up to the last two years of your meter reading data, dependent upon the type of meter, we can see down to 30-minute intervals.
  • What do you look for when analysing my data?
    We look to see what your daily usage patterns are, how the peaks vary within a week day, at the weekend and between seasons. We also identify standby power usage, when the household is asleep. All of this enables us to match your usage patterns with the most efficient and cost-effective energy supply, e.g. the lowest grid tariffs, solar generation or battery opportunities.
  • What will you be looking at in my house?
    When we visit your house, we start from the outside and work our way in. We look at the building first, for example, the windows, roof, building envelope etc, and then inspect your systems and appliances, for example the hot water system, heating and cooling system, pool, fridge, portable heaters, large screens and so on. Basically, anything that uses power or water.
  • Will you help me find the best retail offer?
    Yes, we analyse bills and help you identify the best retail offer for your household’s electricity and gas.
  • Are you sponsored by any company to promote their services or products?
    No, we are completely independent, and always represent the householder’s interests first and foremost.
  • Why do energy providers sometimes hire you to help their customers?
    Energy providers can hire us to help a customer who is struggling with their bills. But the provider understands that we always offer impartial, objective advice.