Founded in 2008, Your Energy Friend helps householders make effective and practical changes. We are passionate about providing honest, open and impartial advice and always acting in the interests of the householder.

Our Home Energy Assessments (HEAs) focus on the Three “Cs” of energy efficiency; Cost, Carbon and Comfort. We have helped over 6,000 households, drive down the cost of their energy bills, resulting in dollar saving, smaller carbon footprints for their households and improved levels of comfort and functionality in their homes.

Founder and owner, Adam Corrigan’s friendly and professional approach takes the guesswork out of energy efficiency. He is viewed by many organisations as the leading expert in residential energy efficiency in NSW. Using technology and a range of analytical processes, he identifies and accurately targets areas where electricity, gas and water are being used inefficiently and how a household can move towards a more efficient use of energy and water in the home.

Delivering and overseeing residential and small business energy and water assessments on behalf of State, Federal & Local Governments, Your Energy Friend has also worked with energy network companies, retailers and NGOs to deliver unbiased, product neutral advice to help householders find the most cost-effective energy savings.

Adam Corrigan says:

My focus has always been to support the householder to become more energy efficient and reduce their associated greenhouse gas emissions. That is what drives me, helping people and reducing emissions. The customer always comes first.

Your Energy Friend offers:

  • Home Energy Assessments (HEA’s) focusing on the three C’s, Cost, Carbon and Comfort. We analyse our customer’s energy data usage, inspect their house and assess any systems and appliances for inefficient use of power. We then work closely with our customers, listening to what they want to achieve and what their priorities are, to identify practical and cost-effective energy efficiency strategies.
  • Workshops to educate and raise awareness of energy efficiency practices amongst householders. We explain ways that householders can get the most from their existing systems and appliances, take advantage of passive heat and cooling opportunities that their household offers and get the full benefits from grid, solar and battery power.

If you are a householder, find out more about how a Home Energy Assessment with Your Energy Friend can help you take practical steps to improve energy efficiency in your household and reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and increase comfort levels in your home.

If you are an Council or NGO, learn more about how Your Energy Friend partners with organisations to promote change in household energy efficiency through our Workshops.